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Acquiring 20th century paintings and prints does not have to be a costly and intimidating venture. With over 35 years of experience in the art gallery business we have been consistantly dedicated to offering you well-selected 'investment quality' fine art. Plus we can provide the expertise to help guide you on building a distinctive personal collection within your available budget.

We wholeheartedly believe that acquiring investment quality fine art can and should be an enjoyable and financially rewarding venture. We also understand that investing in a painting, print or other artwork is not always an easy thing to do and can sometimes be quite stressful. So, it's always wise to begin your journey towards a sound 'art purchase' by first performing as much research as possible and attempt to absorb as much as you can about the artist and their realm of artistic expertise. Today, many 20th century Canadian artists can be researched online.

Delve into the history and background of the artist and ask as many questions as needed to satisfy your expectations about a particular painting or hand-pulled print from the last century. Then over time, you'll learn to trust your instincts when making a final decision on whether or not to acquire that fine vintage painting or print.

Remember, the art market can be unpredictable, but, by applying a certain amount of research, forethought and acumen, you can begin your art collection on the right footing. Consider investing in 20th century paintings and prints that may very well prove to be worthy 'fine art assets' into the future.

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20th Century Fine Art Appraisals

If you are seeking a well researched fine art appraisal, you can count on our many years of experience to deliver accurate and trustworthy results. We actively operate an online gallery dedicated to 20th century Canadian and American fine paintings and hand-pulled prints. And, as independent qualified appraisers with over sixty years of combined expertise specializing in 20th century fine art sales and research, we're well positioned to bring our clients consistent and insightful appraisals from a continually evolving art market for quality 20th century works.

You have the advantage of engaging knowledgeable professionals with years of direct marketing experience that can bring you information that is reliable, informative, accurate, and focused on your particular need for a fine art evaluation.
And we always endeavour to deliver trustworthy results at a reasonable rate.

Important note for past gallery clients

As of October 2018, after 32 years at our past location, we’ve permanently closed our bricks-and-mortar gallery in Thornbury, but we are still continuing on with our gallery and services in an open-daily online capacity to serve your fine art needs.

We are now known and operate as FineArtandAntiques.ca, the carefully vetted, Fine Paintings, Hand-pulled Prints and Rare Artifacts Gallery that we established online over fourteen years ago.

And yes, we’re still located in picturesque Thornbury, Ontario for our clients who choose to come and preview items for sale, to drop off paintings or prints for restoration and conservation or for those who choose to drop by and pick-up.

Important note for past gallery clients

Updated November 15, 2022

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