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Listed Canadian Artist and Printmaker: (1931- )
Hand Pulled Wood Engraving: Rarely found edition with only 10 copies pulled.
Signed & Titled in Pencil: “Rosemary Kilbourn", “Spring Journey 3, #5/10”.
Sight size: w: 3.75. in. x h: 3 in.
Print Condition: Pristine with no fading or condition issues.
Frame & Matted: In our studio with archival acid-free materials throughout.
Artist Affiliations: Royal Canadian Academy(RCA), England's Society of Wood Engravers(SWE), Society of Canadian Painters & Etchers (CPE).

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Note of Interest: Although Rosemary created numerous wood engraved prints over her artistic career, the number of prints in each edition that she hand-pulled was anywhere between 10 and 35 print copies, with no additional reprints of any edition.

Janet Holley Middleton CPE, ASA, SWA, Canadian Artist & Printmaker

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Mary Gay Brooks Bio Image Rosemary Kilbourn, born on April 3, 1931 in Toronto, Ontario, is a Canadian painter, printmaker, illustrator and stained glass artist who is best known for her work in the realm of creating fine wood engravings. She attended high school at Canada's preeminent Havergal College and went on to further her art education and graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1953. Rosemary continued to study wood engraving at the Chelsea School of Art and the Slade School in London, England, and is a member of the RCA, the CPE and the Society of Wood Engravers England.

In the midst of the 1950s, a pivotal juncture in her life unfolded for Kilbourn, then merely in her mid twenties. It marked the dawning of a transformative chapter as she resolved to acquire an 1872 schoolhouse nestled in the seclusion of the Caledon Hills. The catalyst for this decision emanated from her admiration of David Milne's masterful landscape creations originating from the same region of Ontario, and also her aspiration for a sanctuary where both her living and creative ventures could seamlessly converge.

The Dingle Schoolhouse, which dates back to 1872, emerged as the epicenter of Kilbourn's artistic practice. The encompassing landscape, woven with the threads of time and nature's artistry, manifested as the beating heart of her creative pursuits. Over the ensuing six decades, this locale has not merely been a backdrop for Rosemary, but has evolved into the very essence of Kilbourn's artistic expression. It has become her muse, her canvas, and the cradle of her profound connection with the beauty of the natural world that surrounds her.

The symbiotic relationship between the artist and her chosen milieu has unfolded into a captivating narrative, a saga chronicled through the lens of Kilbourn's unwavering commitment. The Dingle Schoolhouse and its environs have metamorphosed into more than just a physical space; they are an intrinsic part of Kilbourn's identity, encapsulating the essence of her artistic journey.

In the kaleidoscope of time, Kilbourn's dedication has yielded a body of work that transcends mere representation; it encapsulates a deeply personal odyssey intertwined with the universal rhythms of existence. Her artistic endeavours, fuelled by the nuances of this singular landscape, resonate universally between the viewer and the essence of the Caledon Hills. Through this sustained exploration, Rosemary has not only documented the evolving seasons of her chosen haven but has also carved a timeless narrative that beckons the audience to delve into the profound and meaningful dimensions of her artistic voyage.

Her exquisite wood engravings have appeared in numerous Canadian Society of Graphic Art shows over the years and her works were displayed at the National Gallery of Canada's "Canadian Water Colours, Drawings and Prints Exhibition" in 1966. She was also a recipient of the C.W. Jefferys Award at the Canadian Society of Graphic Arts.
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You can read more about Rosemary Kilbourn's background and exhibitions at:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosemary Kilbourn

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Janet Holley Middleton CPE, ASA, SWA, Canadian Artist, Printmaker & Educator

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