Canadian Prints

Canadian 20th Century Hand-Pulled Prints

Etchings, Aquatints, Woodcuts, Linocuts, Wood Engravings & Serigraphs by . . .

Gerald William Brender á Brandis - "Morning"
Minna (Rosa) Buhler (German)
Michael Byrne (Irish) - "Coloured Squares"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Black Ducks"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Blue Winged Teals"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Bouquet"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Canvas Backs"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Daffodils"
Alfred Joseph Casson - "Mallards in Reeds"
A. J. Casson - "Marsh Marigolds"
A. J. Casson - Serigraph "Poppies"
A. J. Casson - Woodcut "Poppies"
A. J. Casson - "Early Wild Roses"
A. J. Casson - "Frog on a Lily Pad"
Isabel Cleland - "Pointe Au Baril"
Isabel Cleland - "Early Cars"
Isabel Cleland - "On the Way to the Bridge"
Leon Louis Dolice (American) - "Radio City, N.Y."
Herbert Valentine Fanshaw - "Nocturn"
H. Valentine Fanshaw - "Canadian Winter"
Paul A. Goranson - "News Stand"
Frederick Stanley Haines - "Bruges Laneway"
Frederick Stanley Haines - "Saturday Hart House"
Norma Bassett Hall - "Oaks in Autumn"
Armin Carl Hansen (American) - "Fish Market"
Emile Richard Haumont (French)
Frank Charles Hennessey - "Christmas Morning"
Edwin Headley Holgate - "Quebec Farm"
Nicholas Hornyansky - "March Thaw"
Nicholas Hornyansky - "In the Laurentians"
Simone Marie Hudon - "Escalier à la Basse Ville"
Simone Marie Hudon - "Riviere au Renard, Gaspesie"
Susan Hudson - "Wedding Guest"
Laurence Hyde - "Viking from Discovery Series"
Laurence Hyde - "Southern Cross Series"
Alexander Young Jackson
Frederic Waistell Jopling - "One King St. West"
Frederic Waistell Jopling - "Saturday Afternoon"
Martin Kimble - "Sunshine in the shadows"
Marguerite Kirmse (American) - "April Showers"
William (Wasyl) Kurelek - "Tennis Players"
William (Wasyl) Kurelek - "Stalking Caribou"
Edgar Lee Laur - "Farm Landscape"
Ernest Friedrich Lindner - "Saskatoon"
Ernest Friedrich Lindner - "Northern Shores"
Ernest Friedrich Lindner - "Our Cabin"
Ernest Friedrich Lindner - "Aftermath"
Ernest Friedrich Lindner - "Fairy Isle"
Thoreau MacDonald - "Trilliums"
Doris Jean McCarthy - "Night"
Ernst Neumann - "girl putting on stockings"
Ernst Neumann - "Marketplace, Montreal"
Ernst Neumann - "Old Fashioned Caleche"


Herbert Sidney Palmer - "Repose"
Robert Wakeham Pilot - "The Hotel Dieu"
Claire Pratt - "Sun on Waterlilies"
Hartwell Wyse Priest - "Connecticut Snow"
Hartwell Wyse Priest - "Maytime"
Hartwell Wyse Priest - "Edge of Field"
Hartwell Wyse Priest - "3 Day Blow"
Herbert Raine - "Place Des Armes, Montreal"
Moses (Moe) M. Reinblatt - "Winter Day"
Moses (Moe) Reinblatt - "Man Warming Hands"
Samuel Reindorf - "Spring"
Margaret Shelton - "Second Falls Johnson's Canyon"
Eileen Soper (British) - "Feeding the Squirrel"
Eileen Soper (British) - "Playing Marbles"
Eileen Soper (British) - "A Game of Net Ball"
Eileen Soper (British) - "Tobogganing"
Eileen Soper (British) - "Voyage of Discovery"
Dorothy Austin Stevens - "Ship Building - The Freighter"
Frederick B. Taylor - "Courtyard off St. Lawrence"
Frederick B. Taylor - "Looking up St. Cecile St."
Frederick B. Taylor - "Cross Country Skier"
Frederick B. Taylor - "Cross Country Racer"
Frederick B. Taylor - "Ski Jumper"
Frederick B. Taylor - "The Race"
Frederick B. Taylor - "In the Backyard"
Norman M. Thomas (American) - "Jazz Street Parade - New Orleans"
John Hall Thorpe (English/Australian) - "Geisha"
John Hall Thorpe (Australian) - "Primroses"
John Hall Thorpe (Australian) - "Forget-me-nots"
Jean Townsend - "Wind Among the Reeds"
Cyril John Travers - "Ontario Farm"
Cyril John Travers - "The Broken Wharf"
Gwyneth-Mabel Travers - "The Clock Tower Queens University"
Gwyneth-Mabel Travers - "Court House Kingston"
Harry Draper Wallace - "University Doorway"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Toronto Armouries"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Docks at Toronto"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Fort Mississauga"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Gibraltar Lighthouse"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Queens Lighthouse"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Royal Ontario Museum"
Harry Draper Wallace - "Wm. Lyon MacKenzie"
Harry Draper Wallace - "St. Lawrence Market"
William John Wood - "Little Lake in Summer"
William John Wood - "Summer Airs"
William John Wood - "Nude"
Toshi Yoshida - "Fly" (Owl in Flight)